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We are located in Floresville, Texas 

 outside of San Antonio.



Puppies available now. Call me 210-394-1983 or text.

Updated 12/26/2016





























































New litter born December 15, 2016

Sire is our Hungarian import.

Litter 100 % European

Available puppies at 11 days of age.  The Grinch that Stole Christmas litter.


Cindy Lou Who. Available

Drew Lou. Available

The Grinch. Available

Max. Available

Stu Lou. Available












Notice to potential puppy buyers! 

Before you consider one of our puppies as a new family member there are changes that have been made in our policy.

Dhanisdanes is no longer selling puppies to families who plan on crate training their puppy.  In 2009 three male dogs were re-homed due to the overuse and abuse of this method of training.  All three of the above mentioned dogs not only suffered physical problems due to this method but also extreme psychological effects.  I am showing you two alternative methods for containment and training.  Any owner who sticks their puppy in a crate while they are at work or at any other time will void their guarantee.  

We are responsible for these puppies and to make sure they get the best homes possible and not stuck in a cage and forgotten.  They are not birds and are not meant to be treated as such.

Lock yourself in the closet for a day with no access to the toilet or anything else to make your day better if you want to get a preview of how they feel day after day.

The first method is  an exercise pen.  It can be moved from room to room.  It cost less than a good sturdy crate.

Click here to see a kinder more humane alternative to crating your puppy. This is the second and most preferred method.

If you don't think you can abide by these changes please don't get a dog.  It is cruel and unusual punishment for these loving, faithful and sensitive animals.

Return Policy





Puppies will have their first vaccinations and will before they go to their new homes.

All of our puppies are sold as family members to select homesFew if any are sold with full registration for breeding or show.  A.K.C. limited registration is given only after we receive proof of spay or neutering at the age we specify. 



To see photos of puppies that we have bred in the past, click here!

I have been breeding Great Danes for 18 years.  I have raised the same line of females the entire time. My dogs are all from champion lines.  We live in Floresville, Texas.  I have never had a pup returned for any health or temperament reason. I guarantee my pups in writing against enlarged hearts, hip dysplasia and general temperament. The average lifespan of my pups is 10 -13 years.  My first Dane, Mercedes lived to be 14, her daughter Lexi lived to be 13 years and 11 months and I still have all the rest of my girls.  My pups are born and raised indoors, we built a whelping room onto our house.  We work on potty training and basic commands.  The pups are a daily part of my children's lives and they are all great for each other!!  They are very well socialized with kids, people and lots of other animals.  My pups come with age appropriate vaccinations, de worming and are started on heart worm meds. I worked as a vet tech for 10 years and still work closely with the same vets.

I accept cash, credit card and cashiers checks.  All my dogs are sold on limited registration.  

Shipping is an additional.  That includes the airfare, crate and health certificate.  Shipping to Alaska and Canada are a bit more expensive. 


Have a great day, and please let me know if you would like more info or more pictures.


Thank you for your interest in our puppies.

Melissa Gonzales